Anand Niketan Vridh Sewa Ashram, managed by Jan Kalyan Trust, is run by a team of dedicated social workers. The organization is devoted to the service of needy Indian citizens aged over 60. Our attempt is to provide every facility and opportunity to the elderly to enable them to live with dignity and hope in a homely environment; where they can feel secure, comfortable and contented. This old age home provides them with shelter, food, medical treatment and entertainment. Doctors are available everyday to provide allopathic and homeopathic treatments.

Jan Kalyan Trust owes its existence entirely to donations received from the society it serves. Many kind-hearted and affluent individuals and organizations have made the construction of its building possible. However, the recurring requirements of the inmates such as their upkeep and special health services require funds. We entreat you to empower, Trust its selfless duties to the Aged by donating freely. As the trust is a Registered Charitable Institution (Registration No. 30012), the government of India has extended tax-benefit facility under Section 80G to the donors.

Front facade of the Ashram building