Some of the persons and organizations associated with the growth of Jan Kalyan Trusty and M/s. B. R. Arora and Associates, various branches of Rotary Club, Human Care Charitable Trust, Helpage India, S. C. Chand & Co., and Mr. Vivek N. Gaur, who have been financing some of the recurring  expenditure of the Ashram. The Rotary Club has provided an Ambulance, a Generator and has also contributed to the construction of the building of the Ashram.

The Future

The Ashram needs Solar Water Heaters for two of its wings and there are expected to cost around Rs. 7 lakhs. In addition to this, regular support is needed for:

1) Providing food and support for the inmates

2) Maintenance of the building of the Ashram

3) Salaries of the employees of the Ashram

4) Maintenance of the vehicle/ ambulance of the Ashram

5) Medical support in the form of medicines for emergency use

It is also promised to convert a part of the Ashram into a Health Center for the benefit of the inmates; with proper equipment and personnel.

We appeal to all selfless donors and philanthropists to donate generously and empower us to serve the needy senior citizens, specially those from the lower and upper middle class