Cultural Activities

Several activities are organized for the residents of Anand Niketan. Hawan is organized twice a week, and bhajans, amritwanis, and kirtans are conducted at various times of the month. Regular movies are screened in the hall for the entertainment of the residents. There is a temple and a large air-conditioned auditorium/ meditation hall which hosts the cultural activities in the Ashram. School children perform prayers, songs and dances etc. in the hall for the entertainment of the inmates. Festivals like Diwali, Holi etc. are celebrated with due ceremony and selfless participation of outside parties, who also celebrate occasions like Mother’s Day, Parent’s Day, Grandparent’s Day, and National Festival etc., at the Ashram.

The medical needs of the inmates are taken care of by two doctors who visit daily to attend to them. This facility is available to the inmates free of charge. Several common medicines are also kept for emergency use.


hawan   hawan

Inauguration of New Hawan Kund



Residents performing Hawan on Sunday

Regular Health Checkup



Vaccination for Hepatitis B

Founders Day Celebrated on 14th April-
Birthday of the founder trustee Dr. Mrs. Raj Jit
  Independence Day Celebrations by Interact Club Noida

Birthday Celebrations of Ashram Inmates


  Rangoli Decoration on Diwali
Dining Hall  

Lunch Time


Janamashtami Celebration  

Lohri Celebration


Enjoying Sun and fresh air in the garden of the trust   Meditation Hall