Anand Niketan Vridh Seva Ashram

Jan Kalyan Trust is a private charitable trust and operates the Vridh-Sewashram in Anand Niketan situated at C-5, Sector- 55, Noida. It was founded in 1989 by the Late Dr. Raj Jit Paul, a devoted follower of Vinoba Bhave. It had a very small beginning and was started in the residence of Dr. Raj Jit Paul.

Founder Trustee Late Dr. Mrs. Raj Jit Paul 

Dr. Raj Jit Paul, who was a noted homeopathic doctor, devoted 50 years of her life in providing free homeopathic treatment. She was greatly devoted to the social welfare of the senior citizens and realized their need for a discreet secure shelter with boarding in the evening of their lives when they find themselves alone for various reasons. So she started an Old Age Home in her residence with 4 senior citizens.

In due coarse, the activities of the Trust grew and to-day the Jan Kalyan Trust Vridh Sewashram is housed in a multistoried building called Anand Niketan. The growth was brought by the selfless work of many persons, organizations and donors. The only source of income of Jan Kalyan Trust is through voluntary donations.

Jan Kalyan Trust provides secure shelter and boarding for the lower and upper middle class sector of society. There are many facilities for the poorer section of society, but there is a dearth of facilities for the  middle class sector of society.

The architecture of the building of Ashram is designed to suit the needs of the senior citizens. The ashram provides a safe and secure shelter to the senior citizens and also takes care of their boarding by providing them with wholesome food. A lift is also provided for the use of the inmates, some of whom have difficulty climbing stairs. The premises also has a lawn service where the inmates can take their morning walk or do exercises.

To-day, the Vridh Sewashram provides shelter to 85 inmates who are living a life of dignity.

History of Jan Kalyan Trust

 Genesis: Early 1989, Dr. Mrs. Raj Jit Paul began the activities of this trust with four elderly people. They all needed shelter and care and were invited by Dr. Paul to live in her residence.

– First Premises of the Trust: Dr. Paul was devoted to the cause of care for the lonesome old. The word spread; more inmates joined. Six flats were allotted to the trust by the Noida authorities on rent. By then, Jan Kalyan Trust was recognized and registered as a charitable trust. The new premises were inaugurated by Mrs. Mohini Giri on November 8, 1989.

– First Major Fundraising: On 14th February 1993, a spring fair, Vasant Mela was organized in cooperation, Noida Degree College. By this time, Dr. Paul’s efforts had been strengthened by coworkers and volunteers alike. Gradually donations began trickling in.

– Permanent Home: The trust was allotted 3300 sq metres of land at C-5, Sector 55 (the current location) by the chairman, Mr. Himendra Kumar and Vice Chairman of Noida, Mr. Rakesh Sharma.

 Bhumi Pujan: The ceremony for commencing construction was performed b y the chairman of Noida, Mr. Himendra Kumar on 4th April, 1993.

– Foundation Stone: The foundation for Anand Niketan Vridh Seva Ashram was laid by the illustrious Ms. Nirmala Deshpande on 11th Jully 1993.

– Construction of the First Wing – inauguated on 10th December 1994 by the Union  Minister of Social Welfare, Mr. Sitaram Kesri.

– July 2nd 1997, the trust suffered an irreparable loss with the demise of Dr. Mrs. Raj Jit Paul  The trustees resolved to carry on the welfare work and elected Mr. B.R. Arora as the Managing Trustee.

Anand Niketan Vridh Seva Ashram continues the saga of growth. At present there are 80 inmates, who are provided with food, accommodation, entertainment and medical facilities. Our endeavor is to provide every facility to the elderly to enable them to live a comfortable and dignified life in a homely environment. The trustee and volunteers are committed and caring individuals. They provide their services free. Most of the employees stat with the organization because they are proud to serve it. The public has also donated generously and has made available many facilities for the welfare of the aged. We extend our gratitude to all for their help. Today, let us all resolveto serve the poorest of the poor, aged and the needy.